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Welcome to Next Step the word "Next Step" is for us taking the next step to change. People can consider what step that is through therapeutic service we offer, and we are here first hand to try and help with this.


First and foremost at the heart of everything we do is each and every client. We are a professional, friendly and skilled counselling and psychotherapy practice. 

Our approach and outlook is friendly, bright, colourful and vibrant as you may be able to see from our rooms and website we do love a bit of colour! We work with adults, children, teens and couples in both of our clinics.

NSPW was established in 2014 and has developed over this time we really had an idea of who and where we wanted to be without diluting the service we had created. As our team has continued to grow and developed so did our therapy service to include within schools and we also work with a number of local businesses. We also run training within the centre, as well as in businesses and schools.

As well as the growth of our team, we have expanded the premises from which therapy, training and wellbeing services can be delivered. In 2020 we opened our second practice in Gosforth. We now have six therapy rooms as well as training room and fully reception maned service. These rooms include dedicated rooms for children and couples.

We also which to expand our wellbeing and retreat service which we are very excited to bring in the hopefully on to distant future :)

Some of our partners
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Our Team

Our team of exceptionally skilled, deeply compassionate therapists are the pride and joy of our practice. We strive to do right by them as we believe the better we take care of our therapists, the better they can take care of you.