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Lyndsey Waugh - Founder, Psychotherapist, Supervisor & Tutor

I’m currently the Director and Founder of Next Step Psychotherapy & Wellbeing (NSPW).

I’m particularly proud of my track record; my passion, innovative ideas and solutions particularly around psycho-education with young people and adults alike, the trust my clients put in me, and the joy I take from continuing learning and development.

The idea was to have a holistic based therapy and wellbeing, in the schools, youth and private work, as well as our contract that we have and manage in and around the North East.

Reach out to me if your evaluating or needing an effective holistic therapeutic and wellbeing service, I’d love to hear from you.


Psychotherapy, Counselling, Wellbeing

Established in 2014, Next Step is North East based therapeutic and wellbeing business, it has a host of benefits, from our online booking platform, flexible appointments, choosing either face to face or online, or do both! I’m not just saying it as (being biased) but our therapists are a friendly bunch and really do care about your welfare, and how best to put you at ease.

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