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Ann Purves



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My experience as a teaching assistant and as a driving instructor has led me to train as a counsellor. When people would confide in me about their problems, I felt humbled and extremely privileged, and I began to enjoy this aspect of the job more than the driving. As a teaching assistant I enjoyed the relationship I had with the children, I found I had a different relationship with them than they had with their class teacher, they would be more open with me about any problems they were having.

My training so far is mainly in  person centred. I have used some  interventions with the children on my placement. I mainly use play therapy, art therapy and I’ve worked with coping mechanisms with one of the children. The children I’m working with range from 8 year old to 11 years old. This mainly involves children with anxiety, low self esteem and/or behavioural issues. I also have a client who suffers with audio hallucinations and OCD.


Although person centred is the base of what I’m learning at the moment I’m interested in expanding my knowledge in psychodynamic therapy and ideally learning as much as I can about all modalities. Apologies if this sounds a bit vague, I’m still trying to figure out exactly where I’d like to be as a counsellor and I know there is so much to learn and many avenues to explore.


Aside from the reading required for the counselling course my personal reading has been to explore my interests in transactional analysis and play therapy. I also enjoy non-fiction books as well as a good thriller.

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