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Asha Verhoeven



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About me:


Hello there, my name is Asha! I am a qualified person-centred counsellor and a registered member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy. After raising my teenagers, I felt that it was the right time to train as a Counsellor. Life has many ups and downs, and I have personally benefitted from having had Personal Counselling. Life events including moving to another country, homelessness and post-natal depression have helped to shape me as a person and have more Compassion for the things that we cannot control.

There are times in life where we can feel numb or unable to focus, on what’s going on in the present. Perhaps a feeling of being pulled by the past or having anxiety on the future unknowns. I offer a no judgement space, where I will offer empathy and understanding.


Specialist interest:

​I am interested in exploring identity, including areas such as sexuality, gender, and place within Culture. I believe that it’s our differences and quirks which makes us to be unique and wonderfully Human.

Person-centred counselling is at the heart of building up a therapeutic relationship, whereby we will go where you want and at your own pace.I offer both short-term and long-term counselling. I currently work with over-18s only.

Clinical experience:


I trained in Dorset and currently work as an online Counsellor. During my Training I chose the YMCA as my placement. This provided space to explore with other’s their present and past experiences. Themes such as homelessness and purpose featured throughout my time there, it grew the seeds of what it is to understand that each is the expert of their own lives. And that the power of feeling heard can change lives.

During my Training it was important to address diversity and I wanted to represent that Counsellors can come from different backgrounds.

The main areas that I work with are around what brings each individual to the Therapeutic space. Here we can explore together the tapestry of what makes us, ‘Us’. With gentle reflections and a bit of humour, we can go at your pace to discover what comes up along the journey.


Clinical approaches: 

I am trained as a Person-Centrered Counsellor. This means that I provide Empathy and create a space for you to share what’s going on. I will take my lead from you and gently walk alongside, as we navigate together the various ‘stuff’. I have worked with those who experience low-moods, sexual and cultural identity issues, trauma and loss.

What are you passionate about:


I am passionate about People! I love coming alongside someone and listening to what they want to say. Sometimes it’s hard to recognise the feelings inside so we together we gently explore what’s going on within.My cultural heritage as a British-Mauritian is part of my interest in People’s stories and wanting to understand themselves better.


Also, if a foodie reference is made during our time together you know why!

Having raised Teens, experiences such as gender issues and trying to navigate what it is to be human has helped me to listen to also what is not being said. I have gained so much insight from personal Counselling and hope to offer space for you to discover your own cheerleader.

P.s I am also passionate about my cats, crocheting and comedy.

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