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Booking your appointment online has never been easier, book at a time convenient to you online at any time. Alternatively you can give us a call, text, email to book.


The process starts with a free and confidential telephone consultation. The telephone consultation will take around fifteen to twenty minutes and during the call we will discuss with you; your reasons for seeking therapy, your general preferences such as budget and availability, then towards the end of the call; the type of therapy most beneficial for you. You might also have a therapist in mind too. If you have any questions about the process of therapy and what it involves, they will be happy to talk this through with you too.

You only share what you feel comfortable with. We don't need to know everything, just enough for us to make informed decisions about the most appropriate therapy for you. If at the end of your telephone consultation you choose to book we can matching you to an appropriate therapist at a suitable date and time for yourself.


Book your appointment with your therapist online 24 hours a day, quick fast and easy, and if your returning welcome back.