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Laura Longworth




I am a qualified Dramatherapist, holding a master’s degree. Dramatherapy is a type of psychological therapy; it is a specialist form of psychotherapy. I can offer this to individuals or in groups.


I have a passion for providing a safe space for children and young people to express themselves and be supported with mental health needs.

I aim to promote psychological growth of my clients through working creatively, offering different forms of expression when words are simply not enough. My therapy practice is person-centred, I can use drama, play, art, music, storytelling, role play, talking and movement within my therapeutic practice depending on my client needs. I offer my clients a safe containing space to express their feelings, thoughts and emotions.  I work with my clients to build self-confidence, self-esteem and resilience. Thus, developing coping strategies and emotional regulation which; overall builds trusting relationships and healthy attachments. Sparking a change in relationship with their issues/problems, so they can move forward and see a more positive future.


I have found dramatherapy to be a useful way to allow children to explore their thoughts and feelings without becoming too overwhelmed.

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