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Laura Longworth




About me: Hi 😊 My name is Laura, i am a Dramatherapist registered with HCPC. I am currently working within the school counselling service here at Next steps. 😁I believe in providing a safe space for children and young people to express themselves in a way which suits their needs. I love to be creative 🥳 and use creative expression within my work. A feeling can be expressed through the weather☀️ 🌧️🌦️☔️ or through music 🎶....


Clinical experience: I qualified in 2019, I gained my first job as a therapist with next steps in 2021. I believe I have grown so much as a therapist since then and continue to grow and learn as I believe I am always learning and this will never stop as the world keeps on growing. 


Clinical approaches: (what’s your core modality, and what modalities do you use in practice): Dramatherapy to me means anything creative. I love to talk, play, use art work, music, laughter, drama, metaphors and much more with my clients. Sometimes a feeling we feel just needs something more than words to express it and let it out. 🤩🫠✍️🦸‍🦹🧟‍🧞‍🧚‍🐱🦊🐴🦥🌝🌚.... I wonder what emoji express how you feel? 


Qualifications and Training: I hope a Master of art degree in Dramatherapy- 2019. 😊

What are you passionate about: My hope is to guide and nurture my clients into self-love, ❤️the world can be a scary 🫣place at times and having a foundation in self-love will support you along the way. 🫶

“What’s your best discovery” asked the mole. “That I am enough as I am,” said the boy. The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse book by, Charlie Mackesy

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