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Level 2 Counselling Skills

Course Details

Course Details

What it covers:

  • Developing core counselling skills and theory

  • Building relationships and understanding attachment theory

  • Improving your communication and self-awareness with children

  • Coming up with creative strategies to support children

  • Planning possible next steps for trainees, including our Level 3 Certificate.

Useful for those who:

  • Want to develop key counselling and therapeutic play skills to support their work or everyday life with children and young people

  • Are starting their training journey and want to specialise in child counselling.

Course Key Information

Course Run Time


Tuesday evenings from 5:30 - 8:30pm (3 Hours)

Wednesday daytimes from 10:00am - 13:00pm (3 hours)


9 Weeks - (27 in house classroom hours)

Location and Dates

Tuesday evenings - 4th Jan 2022 - 8th Mar 2022

Wednesday day - 5th Jan 2022 - 9th Mar 2022

Classroom based face to face at 106 High Street, Gosforth, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE3 1HB. 

Limited to small numbers and excludes school or bank holidays

Price: £295

Payment options available

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Entry requirements

You must:

  • No formal qualifications needed

  • Be able to attend all sessions, unless there are exceptional circumstances

  • Have internet access to use our learning platform.

Entry Requiements


Learner Recommendations

Samantha -Student.

“What a fantastic course! Lyndsey was super at training really down to earth and relatable.  I'm going on to the Level 3 and looking forward to it!.”

Erica - Student

“Informative, fun and insightful. I really actually learned a lot about myself in the process 

Mrs Smyth - Student Teacher

"I feel like I can really home in on my skills in the classroom and add to my toolkit, it give me a greater understanding of my teaching and using different methods for different children, highly recommend this!"

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