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Psychological Therapies

If you have been considering or looking for therapy for you, your child, a friend, you and your partner then you’ve come to the right place! I’m confident we can help and if we can’t we may know someone that can.

Those of you that are unsure of therapy, we will try our upmost to put you at ease, our therapists are very down to earth. We are very much of the belief that if you broke your leg, would you not go to the doctors to heal your leg? Your mental health works exactly the same. There are also preventative measures before things get a little too much. 

We offer therapy for adults, children from the age of 6 upwards, teens and couples.

On a budget?

Have you considered low cost therapy?

We understand how difficult it can be to pay for full-cost therapy, and with NHS waiting times being at an all-time high we felt we wanted to also offer a lower-cost service.




Therapy Consultation.

First step is to book a FREE telephone consultation. Book either online 24/7, text or call us.



During Consultation.

During the consultation call we discuss your reasons for seeking therapy, your general preferences & availability, as well as the type of therapy most beneficial for you. 


If we can appropriately match you to a therapist at the end of the phone call you can book an appointment directly after this is you choose too. You can view our therapists online too.



Tailored Sesssions

Sessions done your way! Weekly or fortnightly sessions either face to face at one of our clinics or online, the choice completely yours.


We have an online booking system as well as other traditional methods. And what's unique to us is that you're not tied to the same appointment day and time each week ensuring that we are accessible to all and a fully inclusive and flexible service.



Starting Therapy.

Upon starting therapy you begin to explore your issues and we will begin to tailor our therapeutic approach to you.

Book a Consultation

0191 250 1515

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