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Susanne Allen


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Did you know, your answer or resolution is within you, I’m just one of the many tools in your toolbox!

My approach is eclectic, like myself as an individual. We are who we are and it's a natural process to seek the best version of oneself, given the right environment to do so.

According to psychologist, Carl Rogers, who discovered the humanistic approach he believed that three components were vital to enable an individual to grow. These components are empathy, unconditional positive regard and acceptance & I endeavour to maintain all three in every session with you. You will have the experience of being understood and valued as an individual, which gives us freedom to grow, much like a tree, it won't grow without sunlight or water. Person-centred therapy, which is what it is also known as is a non-directive approach, thus allows you to deal with what you consider important and at your own pace.


I have vast lived experience in the struggles that may present themselves in one’s lifetime, physically and emotionally and working through the impact of same. Hence, I have developed into a truly humbled, empathic soul, where no judgement is passed and maintain a congruent stance. This is paramount to my being as an individual & therapist to promote your own autonomy within our sessions.


As a therapist, I endeavour to create a safe therapeutic space for you and for you to feel valued as an individual, this will speak for itself as you begin your journey into our therapeutic relationship.


My primary training was in person centred counselling which focuses on the belief that all individuals seek self-actualization. Thus, you have your own resolution to your own struggles in life whatever and however they present and impact your well-being. Humanistic approach emphasises on the importance of looking at the whole person and the uniqueness within. Alongside, I have a vast knowledge in mental health and use methods including CBT, DBT, mindfulness imagery and chair work.


I have experience in a broad range of issues including, sexual abuse, domestic violence, bereavement, PTSD, substance misuse, anxiety, depression, suicidal ideations, self-harming behaviours, eating disorders, chronic pain and long-term illness, relationship difficulties and the day-to-day struggles and stresses of the world we live in presently.


I am professionally qualified by my governing body BACP (British association of counselling and psychotherapy) and achieved level 2 in counselling Level 3 in counselling and then went on to do my foundation degree in counselling with university of Sunderland.


I have been practising within an addiction service before I became a therapist, I had a long career with the NHS mental health service working with acute mental health conditions.

Can I just say…….You've made the brave first step by taking time to read my biography….. now change your present lived experience….. I'm here willing, open and authentic.

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