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Booking Portal

Book with confidence 24/7

Booking your appointment has never been easier. Book at a time convenient to you by using our online portal. Alternatively you can give us a call, text or email to book.

New Clients

It can feel confusing when setting out to begin therapy. Our experienced counsellors and psychotherapists will help you choose the right therapy for you. The process starts with a free and confidential telephone consultation call back. We will discuss your reasons for seeking therapy, your general preferences such as budget and availability, then towards the end of the call the type of therapy most beneficial for you. You might also have a therapist in mind too. If you have any questions about the process of therapy and what it involves, they will be happy to talk this through with you too.

If at the end of your telephone consultation you choose to book we can match you to an appropriate therapist at a suitable date and time for yourself. For more information please see our FAQ'S


For Current & Previous Clients. 

Book your appointment with your therapist online 24 hours a day, quick fast and easy, and if your returning welcome back.



How long does a consultation last?

Around 20-30 minutes depending on your need or what can come up during consultation. 

Can I request  a face to face consultation?

Yes, you can request a face to face assessment which is a more in depth consultation this is chargeable service please see Assessment page for more details.

Do you hold waiting lists?

We try our best not to not hold waiting lists so you can be seen within two weeks.  But there maybe times we have to hold a waiting list.

How long do the sessions last?

Sessions are 50 minutes.

Are the sessions held weekly?

Appointments with your therapist will can be held weekly or fortnightly.

Do I have to come the same time each week?

In short, we are a fully flexible service and we've modernised the old standard practice of  the same time each week as it just wasn't working for most people, however you can also book in advance if your needs are a little less flexible. If you want the most out of therapy, you will need to commit to your appointments, to your therapist and to yourself as to get the best out of therapy. 

How long will therapy last?

With therapy, there usually is no set length of treatment. Therapy can last anywhere from a few sessions to several months or even years. It all depends on what you want and need. Some people come to therapy with a very specific problem they need to solve and might find that say a few sessions is sufficient. Other people come to therapy with more complicated issues they are grappling with and may feel they need a few months or years to understand and resolve their issues. Other people come with long-standing problems or difficult feelings and may benefit from longer-term therapy. The length of treatment may also vary depending on the type of therapy in which you are engaging with.


Regardless of why you are seeking therapy or the type of therapy you are doing, it is important to remember that, ultimately, it is your decision as to when you stop therapy. It’s important to remember that you might come with a particular problem but during therapy a whole host of things can come up  that might impact this time. Your therapist will review with you every now and again to see how you’re doing within therapy and guide you through this process.

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