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Low Cost Therapy

Therapy done your way

Our aim is to make counselling accessible to as many people from different groups, backgrounds and those with financial limitations to support them in their therapy journey.

Our low-cost therapy service is available for individuals  and offer in-person sessions at our premises in our Gosforth Clinic or online.

Our low cost therapy can help you with:

  • are finding it hard to cope

  • are feeling stuck, lonely or disconnected

  • have feelings of low self-worth

  • are feeling anxious or depressed

  • have experienced a breakdown of a relationship or a bereavement

  • repeatedly fall into the same patterns of behaviour

  • are struggling to find any meaning and purpose in life

What  is Counselling?

Our Therapists

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About the Sessions

Therapist in Training

Counselling takes place with a counsellor-in there end practice year of training, who is being supervised by an experienced clinical supervisor and has already trained for 3 years.

Sessions are generally from 8 - 18 sessions. 


Costs upfront with no jargon.


Learn all about fees here.

Low Cost Therapy is generally no suitable for people:

  • whose needs would be better met elsewhere by a specialist service

  • with a level of risk that is not manageable within this service

  • who are receiving psychological therapy from another service or therapist at the same time as being seen in our service

  • with current and active addictions, eating disorders or PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)

  • with history or current symptoms of psychosis

  • with bipolar affective disorder / borderline or antisocial personality disorder

  • seeking couples counselling at low cost

  • who are currently training in counselling and/or psychotherapy

What is Counselling

What is counselling

Entering counselling allows you to explore your thoughts, feelings, behaviours and current issues in a safe environment. Counselling is a non-judgemental and supportive environment where you can explore how you are feeling with a professional who is trained to help you unpick your current situation and gain more insight into it.


There are many different modalities in counselling, which means your counsellor will be trained in a specific way, the most common in the UK are: Person Centred, Psychodynamic, CTB (Cognitive behaviour therapy) and Integrative (having knowledge of different ways of working).


Many years ago counsellors were purer in their approach, meaning they would practice in the modality they trained without integrating any other ways of working, now it is much for common for most counsellors to integrate most other modalities into their work, to ensure that the therapy tailored around each individual.


About the Sessons


The sessions will last 50 minutes with a five to ten-minute wrap at the end on how the session went and to book any further sessions. Sessions are usually held weekly, or fortnightly at a mutually agreed time and day, we usually limited sessions of around 8-18 sessions, however this can be reviewed for further sessions nearer the time depending on cicumstances.

Your confidentiality is especially important to us as well as is the counselling relationship. Everything that is discussed with your Counsellor in the counselling session is kept in the strictest confidence.

Your Counsellor/Therapist is bound by the Code of Ethics set out by the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) or the UKCP and I will adhere to their guidelines. Notes would be taken in the session.

Don't just take our word for it......

"We couldn't talk to each other, it felt like the respect had gone from both of us, having children and life stresses really impacted us, therapy gave us a sense of who we were and stand up and listen. "

Ali and Matty, Monkseaton

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