Why you might come to Therapy

If you have been considering or looking for therapy for you, your child, friend, you and your partner then you’ve come to the right place! I’m confident we can help and if we can’t we may know someone that can.

Those of you that are unsure of therapy, we will try our upmost to put you at ease, our therapists are very down to earth. We are very much in the belief that if you broke your leg, would you not go to the doctors to heal your leg? Your mental health works exactly the same. There are also preventative measures before things get a little too much. 

We offer therapy for adults, children from the age of 6 upwards, Teens and Couples.

The Next Step and Booking

If this is your first time looking to book with us, you will need to book in a free consultation telephone call, a consultation call consist of a non-evasive phone call and is a good opportunity to get to know you and your circumstances and to help identify the issues that you would like support with and explain a bit more about the service we offer, most professionals will do this before they meet someone, if this is something you wish to go ahead with we can also book in sessions from here.

Did you know you can book online 24 hours a day by clicking below . Or look on our contact page for more ways you can connect with us.

About the Sessions

The sessions will last 50 minutes with a five to ten-minute wrap at the end on how the session went and to book any further sessions. Sessions are usually held weekly, or fortnightly at a mutually agreed time and day, you are not tied to any number of sessions, you come as long as you want to, there will be regular review sessions throughout your time in therapy, this helps to see evaluate on how far along the process you are at or where you are at in therapy. We understand however that there may be financial constraints on how long you are able to come for counselling.  If this is the case you & we can discuss whether this is an appropriate option in your consultation.

Your confidentiality is especially important to us as well as is the counselling relationship. Everything that is discussed with your Therapist in the counselling session is kept in the strictest confidence.

Your Therapist is bound by the Code of Ethics set out by the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) or UKCP and I will adhere to their guidelines. Notes would be taken in the session. It is of huge importance to put you at ease during you time in therapy.

More about Psychotherapy

Counselling and Talking Therapies give you a better understanding of yourself; allowing you to share whatever is troubling you within a safe, supportive environment.

Counselling can provides a fresh, professional perspective on the issues you are facing while teaching you relevant coping strategies. You may find it easier to speak to a professional counsellor than a family member or friend, as they are not personally involved in your situation.

Counselling can cover a number of talking therapies, including CBT, psychodynamic therapy and humanistic/person-centred & Integrative therapy. There are also many newer counselling approaches, sometimes known as third-wave therapies. These include dialectical behaviour therapy, cognitive analytic therapy and more.

It might seem daunting talking with a complete stranger about personal issues, but we are here to help, within a confidential space and giving an impartial listening ear. We share our techniques  & deeper exploratory approaches (psychotherapy). Sometimes especially at the start of therapy this might be difficult, painful or unsettling at times, but can really help in the long run. Whilst we don’t have a magic want, it can develop us as people, given us self-acceptance perhaps or improving relationships and forming new patterns of behaviour.

Our therapists are trained in different modalities, with a bare minimum study time of least three years before even practicing, and have a whole range of skills they bring from additional training as well as work experience. They integrate their experience and adapt approaches depending on what you bring, bringing a holistic approach to therapy. We particularly focus on psychoeducation, psychodynamic and well as blending CBT methods to name a few. It really does depend on each person.

"I've put off so many times, this time round I'm so pleased I didn't. "

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