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Child Therapy

Therapy done your way

We pride ourselves on being a family friendly, approachable service aiming to help children experiencing difficulties both at home or in educational settings.

If your child is struggling, it can be really difficult and worrying as a parent – and it might feel like a big step to decide to reach out to a counsellor or therapist. Parents tell us that when they were in this situation, they worried about whether they had done something wrong, or whether their child’s counsellor or therapist would blame them.


In fact, lots children and young people go to counselling or therapy at some point, and for all sorts of reasons – and a counsellor or therapist should work with you supportively to think about what’s going on and how you can makes things better.

Four Straight Forward Easy Steps



Therapy Consultation.

First step is to book a FREE telephone consultation. Book either online 24/7, text or call us.



During Consultation.

During the consultation call we discuss your reasons for seeking therapy, your general preferences & availability, as well as the type of therapy most beneficial for you. 


If we can appropriately match you to a therapist at the end of the phone call you can book an appointment directly after this is you choose too. 



Tailored Sesssions

Sessions done your way! Weekly or fortnightly sessions either face to face at one of our clinics or online, the choice completely yours.


We have an online booking system as well as other traditional methods. And what's unique to us is that you're not tied to the same appointment day and time each week ensuring that we are accessible to all and a fully inclusive and flexible service.



Starting Therapy.

Upon starting therapy you begin to explore your issues and we will begin to tailor our therapeutic approach to you.

Understanding Children's Therapy

Our Therapists

meet our wonderful team

About the Sessions

What is Counselling


We all face challenges in our lives from time to time and sometimes we can feel too overwhelmed to deal with our problems.  A psychotherapist can help you during these times by providing a supportive environment that allows you to talk openly and assists you in working through your emotional problems and life issues.  

Child therapy is a wonderfully creative environment for children to explore how they are feeling via play. Our child therapists are highly trained and skilled professionals, who create space for metaphorical ways of working with children.

Many children are unaware of the problems they are facing, and would not be able to talk through this the way an adult would. We work with different materials to provide a space for children to explore their feelings, behaviours and thoughts.

Sometimes it may be appropriate for the therapist to share some information and coping strategies with the child to help with a specific issue they are facing for example if a child is struggling with worry, we might explain what happens in the mind and the body when they are worried, and what we could try to do differently when they are feeling this way.

We are happy to liaise with other professionals that may be in the team around the family to assist in the best outcome for the child.

We pride ourselves on being a family-friendly, approachable service aiming to help children experiencing difficulties both at home or in educational settings.

About the Sessons


The sessions will last 50 minutes with a five to ten-minute wrap at the end on how the session went and to book any further sessions. Sessions are usually held weekly, or fortnightly at a mutually agreed time and day, you are not tied to any number of sessions, you come as long as you want to, there will be regular review sessions throughout your time in therapy, this helps to see evaluate on how far along the process you are at or where you are at in therapy. We understand however that there may be financial constraints on how long you are able to come for counselling or psychotherapy.  If this is the case you & we can discuss whether this is an appropriate option in your consultation.

Your confidentiality is especially important to us as well as is the counselling relationship. Everything that is discussed with your Counsellor in the counselling session is kept in the strictest confidence.

Your Counsellor/Therapist is bound by the Code of Ethics set out by the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and I will adhere to their guidelines. Notes would be taken in the session. It is of huge importance to put you at ease during you time in therapy.

Don't just take our word for it......

"We couldn't talk to each other, it felt like the respect had gone from both of us, having children and life stresses really impacted us, therapy gave us a sense of who we were and stand up and listen. "

Ali and Matty, Monkseaton

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