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Gina Garrity


Gina Garrity.jpg

My name is Gina, I am a counselling student in my professional year of study at Newcastle College. I am a passionate advocate for positive mental health and wellbeing, and I have worked full time in the mental health field for the past three and a half years whilst completing my studies.

I started working as a case worker in a local mental health charity whereby I attended and helped to facilitate mental health groups and community projects structured around mental health and wellbeing as well as working closely as a case worker with clients facing difficulties and helping them to overcome these. I thoroughly enjoyed this work and it cemented for me why I want to be in the profession and be part of meaningful and lasting change in the lives of others. I believe strongly in the power of a good conversation and the difference it can make. I currently work as a counsellor for a large employee assistance programme alongside my academic studies and placement.

In my spare time I enjoy travelling, hiking, and walking in nature and gardening. I have a wide range of exotic plants in my home and get a lot of enjoyment from nurturing and seeing them grow. I also like to keep active and enjoy yoga and swimming. I also enjoy cooking and I am always trying new recipes from all over the world.

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