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I am a warm, friendly and approachable Counsellor. My core training was the person-centred approach. I feel that this approach is a strong foundation to work from. I am a professionally qualified Counsellor and a registered member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (MBACP) and I adhere to their Ethical Framework for counselling professionals. I will provide a safe base for you to explore your current thoughts, feelings and personal experiences.

Counselling can help with a wide range of presenting issues including: anxiety, anger management, attachment, bereavement and loss, bullying, depression, domestic abuse, attachment issues, low self-confidence, panic, phobias, low self-esteem, relationship difficulties, self-harm, sexuality or gender issues, trauma, OCD, work related issues and eating distress.

We can sometimes find ourselves going through difficult times in our lives – fear, loneliness, grief, anger or guilt. You could be going through a crisis such as bereavement or a sudden change in a relationship or work. Counselling can help to make sense and meaning and to support you through a crisis in your life.

I believe that the therapeutic relationship is the most important aspect of Counselling. The therapeutic relationship can provide you with a safe base to feel truly heard, accepted and understood in a non-judgemental and confidential environment.

My own personal life experiences are what motivated me to train as a Counsellor. I trained as a Counsellor for five years and it was during that time that I found my passion for the person-centred approach, which primarily puts the client at the centre of the relationship. Although experience has taught me that ‘one size does not fit all’ and I now integrate skills and techniques from other approaches as appropriate to each individual client. 

My aim is that therapy will be a collaborative, personalised, authentic and rewarding experience. During sessions I may use psychoeducation where I feel this may be beneficial to you to enable you to gain an understanding and to increase self-awareness. I believe that a client should have a ‘toolbox’ to use following their therapy journey. 

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