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Lyndsey Waugh

Founder, Psychotherapist, Supervisor & Tutor


I’m the Director and Founder of Next Step Psychotherapy & Wellbeing (NSPW).

I’m particularly proud of my track record; my passion, innovative ideas and solutions particularly around psycho-education with young people and adults alike, the trust my clients put in me, and the joy I take from continuing learning and development.

I spend 6 years in finance, where I started a passion for … well talking! communicating, connecting, and relating with others, I could also be brought round with the odd chocolate or two. I found people invested in me and were drawn to me, for this I felt humbled by. This gained my high recognition in the financial world and lead me to training, the role I felt suited to, but my heart was drawing me to a different path on top of this, the world of Psychotherapy and Counselling.

A path I’m elated I’ve embarked on, when I’m in and all in and that’s what I do at NSPW. The idea was to have a holistic based therapy and wellbeing, in the schools, youth and private work, as well as our contractual work, that we have and manage in and around the North East.

I’m so committed to being a resource to each and every client and contact that if I can’t help you, I’m as sure as sure, I know someone who can.

When I’m not working you can likely finding me chasing my little girl around for which she is now starting to outrun me! I also enjoy the learning and have just started learning sign language. I also enjoy my campervan which I’m hoping we can get to use soon.


Over the past 9 years I have had the pleasure of working with many different clients both children, adults and couples alongside building Next Step Psychotherapy and Wellbeing.

I am a professionally qualified psychotherapist, clinical supervisor and trainer. Established in private practice in 2013. My knowledge and skills have developed through my psychotherapeutic work in private practice, I am trained in the Psychodynamic Approach, I felt this orientation resonated with me, as I really do believe we have to look back to be able to move forward. The Psychodynamic Approach allows you to look at your behaviour and feelings as adults and how they may have been rooted in our childhood experiences. When studying I learned some theories that were very enlightening, which I see clients find useful throughout the therapeutic process, I will therefore share this knowledge with you where it would be helpful, to enable you to develop tools to use in everyday life beyond therapy. 


I have a particular interest and extensive experience with adoption, Trauma, PTSD, personality disorders and therapeutic parenting.

I believe that there is always something new to learn working in this field & make a regular commitment to on-going professional development and clinical supervision. I believe I'm very approachable & able to communicate on all levels. Taking the first step to contact can sometimes be the hardest.

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