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Next Step 12 Week - Therapeutic Family Intervention

Behavioural Issues, Anger, Adoption, Looked After Children, School Refusers to name a few, 

whatever the need the Therapeutic Program will assess and help your needs.

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Fully Tailored Support - Help when you feel like you don't know where to turn.

The Therapeutic program was set up from a professional and personal perspective. Sometimes as a parent/caregiver you might feel stuck in the mud and can't get out. This is how I felt 6 years ago, I hadn't got a clue what to do. Even through all of my training I was naïve to think that "I've got this!". We adopted a wonderful little girl, but let me tell you it was not a wonderful experience always, and still isn't!

It can sometimes feel like we are stuck on the inside lane of a roundabout, with social services, doctors, CHAMS etc. It can feel like nobody is listening or truly getting; trust me we do! Your whole dynamic as a family can change in the process.

These are the things we are not always honest enough to say. This is a raw, real, 12 week program, no holds barred real family view of what's going and what can we do to help.


Lending a Listening Ear

I've set up a program based on my experience of going round in circles looking for support. 


We have been helping families in schools the last 9 years and confident we have set a program up that can truly work. We used blended method's of therapy and psycho-education based on what we view in our initial assessment, we don't stick to the one method as we know one shoe doesn't fit all!

The steps below give a guide on what each stage is, but don't forget these are really tailored to your individual dynamics on Step 1. 

Please feel free to contact myself or our team with anything else you may have about  this program.

Speak soon


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Home visit & Family Assessment of child/children and home environment.

To gain a deeper understanding of behaviours, and family dynamic.

Session will be around an hour. 


Deeper Assessment

Deeper understanding and real account with parent(s) or caregivers. This may include; sleeping patterns, early life & birth story, diet, what your week looks like, behaviour, barriers, social economic factors, support network, external professionals and impact on relationships.


These can be in person at one of our branches or online via any form of video chat.

Session will be around an hour.


Therapy Sessions

We will then commence one to one sessions with parent(s) or caregivers. In a non-judgemental and confidential space to talk freely about how you feel. We may also look at Therapeutic parenting styles, psycho-education, building resilience and use guided methods. 


These can be in person at one of our branches or online via any form of video chat.

Sessions are an hour long and  consist of 9 Sessions in total.  


De-Brief & Outcome

At this stage you will have two parts one is the final 1-1 session and the second de-brief to reflect on our time together and what we've managed to achieve, we will also look to see if any further assistance is needed and how to obtain this. 

  • 12 Week Program

    or pay in 3 Instalments
    Valid for 3 months
    • Tailored Psychological Support
    • Fully Registered Therapist
    • Psycho-Education & or Neurodiversity Training
    • Holistic Approach
    • Non Judgmental Space
    • Bespoke to each Family
    • Educating and Helping Familes
    • Specialist in Children's Behaviours & Family Support
    • Outcome Based Measures
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