Tracy Anderson

Senior Therapist


I am an Interactively trained counsellor with experience of working with both adults and young people. Working Interactively involves using a client led approach, using a range of therapeutic tools, tailoring and adapting therapy sessions towards the client's presenting issues and emerging needs. I have a particular interest in attachment patterns in early childhood and how they impact on adolescence and later adulthood, believing that our early relationships form parallels with relationships/difficulties in later life.

I am passionate about positive mental health believing, similarly to our physical health ,we need to invest time in our mental health. Working in a therapeutic capacity will allow you to explore your inner world and to develop confidence and personal autonomy in dealing with challenges and difficulties in everyday life.

Having worked with children in an educational capacity for the past 18 years I have developed a wealth of knowledge and experience in working with children and adults which I feel has given me excellent grounding for this post. This experience has helped me to develop my own personal confidence in supporting children with the personal issues they face and furthered my knowledge on the multidisciplinary teams involved with working with young people. Whilst working as a teacher I particularly relished my role as a personal tutor and found that I particularly excelled in this role which led to me wanting to pursue a role which was focused exclusively on the pastoral care of children. I am empathetic, supportive and creative in my approach to working with children and feel passionate that all children should have the same educational opportunities irrespective of any barriers they may face.  

In my role previous to this as a teacher in psychology, prior to counselling training, as well as teaching larger groups, my role involved working one to one with students and in smaller groups. This entailed implementing intervention strategies for those students who are achieving below their personal target grades such as targeted revision, drop in sessions and increased use of peer/self-assessment techniques enabling students to have more personal autonomy of their progress. Interventions also included stretch and challenge sessions for students achieving their MTG to maximise progression as well as supporting students with personal difficulties such as being a young carer, anxiety and mental health issues. Whilst in this role I was also responsible in collaboration with the students I was working with in piloting a successful intervention for students implementing personal target plans to help students manage their learning. In addition to this we also implemented strategies to foster more independent learning both inside and outside of the classroom.

I look forward to having the opportunity to discuss my application further with you.

Previous to this I was a teacher in Psychology, moving to work in a Pupil Referral Unit School for challenging behaviours,

I'm trained to work with both adults, couples and children